Ameripolitan Awards


With the release of their first EP, “When the Whiskey Calls”, The Freightshakers were nominated for “Honkytonk Band of the Year” at Dale Watson’s inaugural Ameripolitan Awards in Austin, TX.
They are hoping for a second nomination with their first LP, “Honkytonk Belongs”. Support you local honkytonk band, The Freightshakers, at

Here’s what some people are saying about The Freightshakers…

Here’s what some people are saying about The Freightshakers…


“Ass kickin’, rig rockin’, tele bangin’, cold beer drinkin’, old schoolin’ REAL COUNTRY! If you even THINK you might like country music…. You will LOVE this band…”

–John Neff (guitarist/pedal steel player of Drive By Truckers and Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy)


“Outlaw Country Thugs from the OC…”

–Johnny Whitesides-LA Weekly


“So while everyone sits around moaning the blues about the “death of the LA Country scene”…these boys fly a big finger in the face of the 70’s rock that is being passed off as country music on the radio. Led by Gethen Jenkins who arrived in Southern California via West Virginia and Alaska (somebody get that boy a damn map!!) these boys are keeping country alive regardless of FM radio. Throw on a worn-out truckers cap, pop open something cold and cheap, and get ready for a good time!”

–some drunk guy after one of our shows