Modern day honkytonk heroes, Gethen Jenkins and The Freightshakers, deliver high octane classic country music with an outlaw stance. With David Gilliard on upright bass, Gary Brandin on pedal steel, Dale Daniel on drums and Jeremy Long on everything else, you’re already havin a good night, add the unparalleled baritone of lead singer Gethen Jenkins and they will have to kick you out at closin time! These boys take the myth making and truth telling that is outlaw country music to a higher level in a good ole honkytonk kinda way.


Born on the banks of the Ohio River, in the Tri-state area, where Kentucky, Ohio, and West “By God” Virginia come together, Gethen Jenkins was born and bred surrounded by American music, from the purest of bluegrass to whiskey soaked honkytonk. Music took hold at the age of eight, beating on his dad’s Gibson. His teenage years were spent in Galena, a rural indian village on the Yukon River, deep in the Alaskan tundra. Thankfully for the ladies, Alaska didn’t take away that southern charm, or West Virginia accent. After 8 years in the U.S.Marines, Gethen landed in Southern California. Returning from Iraq, and determined to sing his own song, he found his home in honkytonk. Over the next several years Gethen immersed himself in his music, emerging as the larger than life frontman of The Freightshakers. His first love is music and it shows! Not a person in whatever joint he’s playing doesn’t leave with a little piece of him and visa versa. From the tenderness in a slow painful waltz to the ornery growl in a drivin’ tempo, whether it’s a song sung by one of his heroes or one he wrote yesterday, there is one thing that comes through in all the songs he sings and that’s heart…..


Jeremy Long is the lead guitarist for the The Freightshakers. He also doubles on piano/dobro and has been known to sit in with other local artists on pedal steel guitar and accordion as well. Jeremy had been in the local scene for many years until he met Gethen Jenkins and decided to put the best possible honkytonk band together. The Freightshakers was soon formed with an all star lineup of locals hand picked by Jeremy.


Born in South Georgia….on the back side of Tiger Mountain…in Miller’s Cave!! Big Dave made his way to Southern CA…via Tallahassee, FL and Athens, GA. The Duck has landed with The Freightshakers as their bass player and enjoys throwing down the honkytonk good times with the boys in the band.


Dale provides the backbeat and occasional shuffle for the Freightshakers. He hails from the Midwest. Previous honkytonk experiences includes the Hacienda Brothers, as well as Dallas Wayne and the Roadcases. Dale has been endorsing C and C drums for ten great years. He is partial to Irish whiskey.

You may very well touch down on a Lost Beach, on a mysterious tropical isle, as steel guitarist Gary Brandin rouses phantoms from his instrument with his velvet touch. Brandin’s own musical intuition and raw talent keep him in demand around town, not only with The Freightshakers but also providing Hawaiian-carnival jams for the cartoon Sponge Bob Squarepants and supplying ethereal textures for LA’s own The Blue Hawaiians.



December 21, 2014 Sunset Beach Mothers Tavern Mothers Tavern
January 4, 2015 San Juan Capistrano The Swallows Inn The Swallows Inn
January 16, 2015 Trabuco Canyon Cooks Corner Cooks Corner

Ameripolitan Awards

With the release of their first EP, “When the Whiskey Calls”, The Freightshakers were nominated for “Honkytonk Band of the Year” at Dale Watson’s inaugural Ameripolitan Awards in Austin, TX.
They are hoping for a second nomination with their first LP, “Honkytonk Belongs”. Support you local honkytonk band, The Freightshakers, at

Here’s what some people are saying about The Freightshakers…

Here’s what some people are saying about The Freightshakers…


“Ass kickin’, rig rockin’, tele bangin’, cold beer drinkin’, old schoolin’ REAL COUNTRY! If you even THINK you might like country music…. You will LOVE this band…”

–John Neff (guitarist/pedal steel player of Drive By Truckers and Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy)


“Outlaw Country Thugs from the OC…”

–Johnny Whitesides-LA Weekly


“So while everyone sits around moaning the blues about the “death of the LA Country scene”…these boys fly a big finger in the face of the 70’s rock that is being passed off as country music on the radio. Led by Gethen Jenkins who arrived in Southern California via West Virginia and Alaska (somebody get that boy a damn map!!) these boys are keeping country alive regardless of FM radio. Throw on a worn-out truckers cap, pop open something cold and cheap, and get ready for a good time!”

–some drunk guy after one of our shows


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